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Zamna Culinary Experiences

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We like to play with ephemeral magic. The best and most renowned chefs in the world meet at Zamna Tulum through ephemeral Pop-Ups where we create the whole concept. The food, the performances and shows, the environment and atmosphere. Art by and for all the senses in the jungle of Tulum.

Firewood culinary experience using the most primitive cooking method “The Living Wood Flame”.

FIRE is about the senses. About taste. About the warmth of well-cooked food. It’s about experiencing locally sourced seasonal food cooked over a wood fire, enhancing its flavor and maintaining the connection between food and the land.

Chef Maximiliano Sola (5 AAA diamonds) brings an extensive curriculum of exquisite dining experience blended with his Argentine culinary heritage, providing a truly unique culinary experience in which he builds a fire cage and cooks food for over 10 hours. .

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Yusuke Kogure respects his country’s heritage and traditional recipes by carefully choosing the best of the wide variety of delicious Mexican seafood and unique local ingredients to craft refined dishes and original recipes, resulting in traditional Japanese cuisine. The cuisine of this Japanese chef, based in Riviera Maya, takes his guests to an incomparable level of pleasure.

Traditions keep us in touch with our ancestors and allow us a sense of belonging, shaping our identity. Signature cuisine that has already been successfully presented in different restaurants around the world.

Our pool is flooded with sun and color to host a unique Mayan Experience in a unique paradisiacal landscape surrounded by the jungle of Tulum.

Live performances with the best DJs, artistic performances, synchronized swimming show, body painting, sacred ceremony and Mayan ritual, live painting with the participation of galleries and carefully selected artists, group yoga and tarot. Added to a culinary experience based on signature Food Trucks from prestigious restaurants and open bars.

From 4pm to midnight.

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