Connection between Tulum and Zamna

 In Tulum

After the Spanish conquest at the end of the 16th century, one of the last Mayan cities was named “Tulum”, this city it was protected, with the help of the ocean and large fences all this in order of defending itself from the entrance of invaders; long before being known as Tulum, was called “Zamá” dawn or renaissance in Maya language and it refers to the astral magnificence of this city.

In the nineteenth century; after being found by modern explorers, it was given the name of Tulum because this is the name that better represents its magnitude and lives up to the infrastructure because it means “wall” in Maya.

Tulum is a breathtaking place, it has a warm and humid climate, with vegetation and jungle fauna where you can also see the surrounding Caribbean Sea with its turquoise waters.

Zamna Tulum.

Of the event organizing companies in Mexico, Zamna Tulum leaves the barriers behind and offers on this modern times the perfect combination between nature, spirituality and technology, typical of a unique experience.

And it is not just an ecological hotel in Tulum inside a “cenote” also host electronic music events, receiving the most important festivals in Mexico, offering all the production with lighting, photography, and video services.

Among its amenities for the events, also has plus services like rental of land or air transportation, public relations with host, trained staff and closed-circuit cameras in security matters, 100 MB bi-directional wifi connectivity to guarantee all mobile services and over 300 parking spaces for the comfort of our visitors.

For small events, in addition to having all the services mentioned before, it also offers food and drinks to delight your guests, impeccable service staff, luxury suites that make you feel like home when in reality you are away from home and a Wedding planner service that will help you save time and energy to organize the most important event of your life.

The unforgettable experience, which fuses the nature and energy of the Mayan pre-Hispanic world in balance with the connection of the technological and audiovisual experience is Zamna Tulum.

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